Real Estate Photography Knoxville TN

I operate from a  studio in Knoxville which is good for photographing small groups of  five or six people at a time. I also meet couples here for an initial consultation before accepting bookings for wedding photography or Real Estate Photography Knoxville TN.

I take great pride in my photographic work and try to produce images that are unique for each and every client. I use a creative approach to portraiture and weddings and like to speak with people about what they would like from their photography shoot.

At parties and events I like to mingle with guests to capture fun and spontaneity. I also set up a mobile studio and have a range of props,wigs and masks which can be made available to clients. This is a popular service at family gatherings, anniversaries  and especially at 18th or 21st birthday parties.

Photography Services

  • Fantastic ranges of products available including canvas prints, framed prints and storybooks .
  • Look like a model. Gift vouchers and albums are available for this service.
  • Studio or location photo-shoots and home visits are available for family photography shoots.
  • Commercial work available at a daily rate. Contact me for full details please.
  • Mobile photography studio is available for weddings and parties.
  • Gift vouchers are available for any service.
  • On-line photo galleries for browsing and purchasing  images.
  • Find out more about real estate photography on Real Estate Photography Knoxville TN dedicated to real estate.
  • Please feel free to contact  me for more information


There is a neat tool at that does a lot more than simply filter mail. The best part about it is its ability to schedule correspondence alerts that remind you if a contact has not responded to your email in X amount of time, be it hours, days or weeks! The mail filter option is powerful as well but what many business owners don’t realize is that Yahoo and Gmail both have free mail filters of their own.


For those that have never used a mail filter, be prepared for a slice of heaven to start uplifting your inbox blues. It’s common knowledge that most business owners forward their mail to their personal online mail accounts. The problem with doing this is twofold. Not only does your inbox get full fast, but you can become easily distracted by simple alerts and updates by friends, family and deal sites.

Yahoo mail has a great free filter that lets you add up to 100 filters with its free email service or, for only two to three dollars per month, Yahoo Mail Plus makes your inbox advertisement free and gives you an additional 100 filters.

Filters behave just like they sound. They take emails that have certain addresses, keywords, subject lines etc, and direct them to go straight to a designated folder instead of your inbox. A good practice when experimenting with filters is to create a folder called “1Later.” This will put the folder at the top of your list and you can direct all non-business mail to that folder. If you use Yahoo and want to try to create a filter you need to create this catch-all folder first.

To create a filter in Yahoo, all you need to do is copy the address of an email that belongs in your “Later” folder and click the down arrow on the “options” link at the top let of your Yahoo mail, right above the Yahoo logo. This will then reveal the option to choose “mail options.” Once you are inside “mail options,” you will see “filters” in the left hand menu near the bottom.

Choose to add a new filter and paste the email address you copied into the “sender” rule option, which is the first one. Remove all text in front of the @ symbol and any characters past the end of the address. Now title the filter with the name of the group or person that emails you from that address and choose the destination folder that, hopefully, you created already.

Now keep that process going and add at least five addresses a day until your inbox is pure business. You will be amazed at how infrequently you check your “1Later” folder and how much better you feel checking it when you actually have time and are in the mood! Setting up all the filters is time consuming but is more than worth the trouble.

For those that have a diversified interest range, try creating folders like news, politics, deals and social alerts. You will find that most emails fall into these four categories. You will save time and sanity taking on the simple task of email filtering and your photo booth Naperville IL business will prosper as a result of your good decision making. Remember, each positive step forward is cumulative and with slow, steady progress you are bound to hit your sweet spot sooner than later.

Cut the Rope Game Review

Cut the Rope is a seriously addictive game. The idea behind Cut the Rope is to feed candy into a cute monster. Candies are hanging from ropes, or depending on other hanging objects to move them, in order to end up feeding the monster. You will need to analyze each level in order to determine the best cutting strategy so candy is delivered into monster’s mouth.

You will get plenty of playability and fun time as Cut the Rope includes 350 levels for you to solve. Graphics are quite good, as also is the physics engine. Give it a look on the following video:


You may either pay for Cut the rope -not a steep amount of money, btw- and forget about those pesky ads, or maybe you may want to try a different approach.

Regarding those irritating ads, do the following: close internet connection on your Android device before starting to play Cut the Rope. It has been reportedly commented on the user’s comments area that adjusting such simple previous setting, you will say goodbye to the in-game ads.  Get League of Legends Free Skins Codes.

Modern Furniture will change the way you live

Furniture is a very luxurious home accessory. In addition, the furniture has many functions in our lives so that we can put all the objects, with ease. Now, we can see the development of furniture in several countries that have many unique features so that people confused to determining suitable style furniture for their homes.  Everyone wants to have furniture that has the best quality because it is more efficient. You can find a variety of furniture designs which are perfect for your home so that your house has an extraordinary beauty.

Basically, furniture are made of wood that can be shaped into many designs. You should know some types of furniture that you are not confused to determine the best furniture for your home. Several types of furniture are Contemporary Furniture with the latest design. So, it is usually suitable for modern homes.


Believe me, our products will certainly fit and suitable for supporting your furniture stores, wholesale and distribution business, as well as supply for hotel projects and real estate.

We are here available and are glad to support your business for a long time relationship.

Contact Modern Furniture Stores customer support now to ask for questions, leave an inquiry, or to get a catalog and pricelist of our products.

Natural Gas info by city

For our qualified customers, we will build, own and operate at no cost and zero investment, increase your power reliability factor and still reduce your energy expenses. We also offer 5, 10 or 15 year lease-purchase agreements, power purchase agreements and other incentives that permit our customers to own the power and energy system at the conclusion of the lease or power purchase agreement.

For Atlanta Natural Gas utility clients that do not want to invest in central power plants, we offer standardized power plants that can be placed at strategic locations on your grid, such as substations or at other locations such as your large industrial client’s properties.

All of our clean power plants and energy systems feature:

*  Fully automatic power/energy systems
*  Black-start capabilities
*  Island mode operation
*  Load following
*  Remote control and monitoring
*  All operations and maintenance provided
*  Stand-by power and emergency back-up
*  Automatic start/stop
*  Engineered “peaking” power plants for electric utility substation installation
*  Interconnection engineering and design