Cut the Rope Game Review

Cut the Rope is a seriously addictive game. The idea behind Cut the Rope is to feed candy into a cute monster. Candies are hanging from ropes, or depending on other hanging objects to move them, in order to end up feeding the monster. You will need to analyze each level in order to determine the best cutting strategy so candy is delivered into monster’s mouth.

You will get plenty of playability and fun time as Cut the Rope includes 350 levels for you to solve. Graphics are quite good, as also is the physics engine. Give it a look on the following video:


You may either pay for Cut the rope -not a steep amount of money, btw- and forget about those pesky ads, or maybe you may want to try a different approach.

Regarding those irritating ads, do the following: close internet connection on your Android device before starting to play Cut the Rope. It has been reportedly commented on the user’s comments area that adjusting such simple previous setting, you will say goodbye to the in-game ads.  Get League of Legends Free Skins Codes.

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