DIY Woodworking Designs – Basic Woodworking

Woodworking projects are fun and often addictive, however that does not mean that you can overlook the planning aspect of it. Whatever DIY Woodworking project you might take up, there are always a few tips and tricks that you can use to save time or make the construction more beautiful or even just make it sturdier. Here you can find more on how you should be cutting plywood, which is perhaps one of the most widely used woodworking material there is.

Cutting with a table saw: The first challenge that you are most probably going to face is getting a full ¾” Plywood on to the table. You will need an extension or a second table as support so that the plywood sheet can be adjusted properly. Because of the sheer size of most sheets of plywood, pushing them into blades can be difficult and this is the reason why the first cuts are usually rough ones. Once you have cut the sheet into smaller manageable parts, you will have an easier time cutting them. Also remember that when you are cutting with a table saw you should cut with the best face pointing up.


Cutting with a Circular Saw: Circular saws are cheap and affordable; however they are also notorious for a blowout which is why cutting a straight line is going to be a little harder than you expected. Most cuts made from circular saws have to be reworked later. However if you were to use a saw guide you could overcome this drawback.

Cutting with Sliding Table Saws: A sliding table saw is a standard table saw with a sliding table built into it. A sliding table is wide platform which runs along the blade of the saw. Using such a configuration makes cutting the plywood a lot more accurate and also requires a lot less effort from you.

Also remember that plywood tends to chip a lot when it is cross cut, also remember to use the right kind of blade no your saw; there are many kinds of blade configuration based on the number of teeth, width angle and rake. If you are hobbyist then a standard table or circular saw assisted with a shop made saw guide is an excellent low cost solution for cutting plywood. If you use a lot of sheet styled wood, then a vertical panel saw or a sliding table saw is the best way to go. More info at Woodworking-Tool-Guide

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