Find a quality Photo Booth Rental

At Naperville Photo Booth we also offer comprehensive photo management, post production (making them look amazing after the fact), extremely high quality on-site printing and more.

When surveying recent newlyweds, this was the single most important thing to be aware of when interviewing potential Photo Booth companies for your special day.  “Nothing is more critical to the success of your photo booth than having a quality company and people running the show on the day-of.

We have been around the wedding industry for years.  Be sure to ask all of the Photo Booth companies you interview what their level of experience is, how many weddings have they done and what different mediums they have performed.



We understand that this is YOUR party.  You hired us!  Therefore, we will absolutely accommodate any and all requests that you have about our service and the final product.  Whatever package you choose, whether it includes on-site printing or not, we will work with you to ensure that you final product is fantastic… and you LOVE it.   Professionalism is our goal.

Remember, it’s YOUR party.


We are Naperville  business owners and photographers. We commit to working hard before, during and after your wedding day to make certain that your day happens just how you want it.  When we pack up and the night is over, we want to know that you are more than satisfied and thus, happy to recommend our services to your loved ones.


The owners, photographers and set-up crews at Naperville Photo Booth are from the Puget Sound. We live here. We were born and raised here.   As many of our competing websites do, we are not a national website getting leads from search engines to dole out to the next Photo booth in line for a referral fee.

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