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There was an old saying that said if you spent a penny, you should save a penny. That is all very well and good if all you spend are pennies. How about if you spend $10,000. Can you save $10,000. The current savings rate in The United States is given at 3.60%. Very little money is being saved. It could be that most people who think of saving in terms of getting paid by a high interest rate ate being turned off by the sad interest rates offered by banks and other savings institutions. The incentive to saving money by getting a high rate of return is not currently available. However, you might make an incentive for yourself that will give you a reason to save money.


The most important tip in saving money is to set a goal for yourself and work hard to reach it. If you plan on buying a new car, you might begin a savings plan expressly for a new car. You can then plan your strategy by doing a careful research and estimate of what you will have to do to save the money you need to buy your new car. Your strategy might start with locating the car you want. The cost of the new car is what you will have to save to get.

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