Gmail signup


Gmail login issues
Next, the “Please enter your e-mail address” box is displayed. Enter the address of your Gmail account in the box below the email address and click Continue.
Continue to click “I do not know”
Please choose the way to get the authentication code to your account via SMS or call (recommended SMS). Once selected, click “Continue”.
This time, a message containing the confirmation code of the six numbers sent to the phone is displayed. Enter this code in the box “Please enter this code here” and press Next (If you do not receive the message containing the verification code, click below the button and try again )
The Gmail Password Reset window appears (the new password must be at least 8 characters long). After entering the new password, click [Reset Password].
A notification of the Gmail password that was reset successfully is displayed.
Note: Can not access this recovery option? Please answer multiple questions about your account and confirm your identity.


How to set up and use spare email address
Set up your recovery email address and use your recovery email to secure your Gmail account. You can use this secondary e-mail to sign in to Gmail, reset your password, and perform many other tasks.

Alternate mail and recovery email settings are one of the security settings that can not be ignored to keep your Gmail account secure

Gmail signup


Although you can log in, it is recommended that you remember the procedure in a step-by-step manner.


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