Looking for office.com/setup?

Visit office.com/setup for office setup.

Snap Sign In or Create a New Account.

Discover and Enter Office Product Key.

Select Office and Click Install.

Run Setup, Follow On-Screen Instructions.

You’re All Set. Open Apps.


Looking for office.com/setup?

1Visit the primary site created for the Office Installation reason. www.office.com/setup (client any program).

2Once you have visited the website,You can sign in to the Microsoft account that you have made while buying.

3You Will need to make another Microsoft Account on the off chance that you don’t have one. Once Logged in. You can continue.

4You may need to put your Product key on the off chance that you have purchased office from nearby store or disconnected Source.

5Once you have experienced “FOUR” Step, You will be guided to your Office Download page.

6You have downloaded Office, You simply need to Run the Office Setup on your Computer to utilize it now.

What is Office Product Key

Product Key is required just when you have bought Office Offline or from a neighborhood store. This isn’t required when you have made the buy on the web. This is simple process however yet can be difficult to deal with for a few.

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