Natural Gas info by city

For our qualified customers, we will build, own and operate at no cost and zero investment, increase your power reliability factor and still reduce your energy expenses. We also offer 5, 10 or 15 year lease-purchase agreements, power purchase agreements and other incentives that permit our customers to own the power and energy system at the conclusion of the lease or power purchase agreement.

For Atlanta Natural Gas utility clients that do not want to invest in central power plants, we offer standardized power plants that can be placed at strategic locations on your grid, such as substations or at other locations such as your large industrial client’s properties.

All of our clean power plants and energy systems feature:

*  Fully automatic power/energy systems
*  Black-start capabilities
*  Island mode operation
*  Load following
*  Remote control and monitoring
*  All operations and maintenance provided
*  Stand-by power and emergency back-up
*  Automatic start/stop
*  Engineered “peaking” power plants for electric utility substation installation
*  Interconnection engineering and design


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