Shared Web Hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting

Shared Web hosting



       There are many types of Web Hosting services available, but one of the most common web hosting type is Shared WebHosting. Here, multiple websites sharing the same server. This means that all the resources of the shared server such as bandwidth, space, database, FTP accounts and Email accounts are shared by number of websites hosted by that particular server. The disk space and bandwidth allotted is limited since there are other websites sharing the same server. It is suitable only for an individual or a people having small industry as it is not sufficient for high traffic websites.


  • Shared hosting is cheaper when compared to dedicated hosting and VPS hosting.Web hosting
  • It is easy to setup and manage the hosting.
  • If any problem exist, the service provider will take care of that. So you don’t need to concern yourself with technical issues of the server.


  • You cannot install any software in your choice. It is completely based on the service provider.
  • It is not suitable for high traffic website, because multiple sites using same IP address that makes your sites down.
  • Hosting plan will have less feature when compared to dedicated hosting.
  • The same IP address is sharing with multiple websites so if any of these neighbour website is spam site it will affects your website also.


        In dedicated hosting, clients have the overall control of the server and it is not shared with anyone. It is very much flexible than the shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is suitable for the websites with high traffic. All the resources of the server are dedicated to one client alone.

Dedicated server hosting is divided into two categories. They are:

Managed dedicated server hosting.

Unmanaged dedicated server hosting.

Managed dedicated server hosting: When you lease the server and then allows the service provider to take care of everything.

Unmanaged dedicated server hosting: When you lease the server but takes care of the management of the entire server.


  • More reliability and better performance when compared to shared hosting.Dedicated web hosting
  • Having unique IP address.
  • It is more flexibile in adding the software and server configuration.


  • It is more expensive when compared to shared hosting.
  • You should be strong in troubleshooting the issues when occurred otherwise you need to pay for technician to solve the issue.

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Modern Furniture will change the way you live

Furniture is a very luxurious home accessory. In addition, the furniture has many functions in our lives so that we can put all the objects, with ease. Now, we can see the development of furniture in several countries that have many unique features so that people confused to determining suitable style furniture for their homes.  Everyone wants to have furniture that has the best quality because it is more efficient. You can find a variety of furniture designs which are perfect for your home so that your house has an extraordinary beauty.

Basically, furniture are made of wood that can be shaped into many designs. You should know some types of furniture that you are not confused to determine the best furniture for your home. Several types of furniture are Contemporary Furniture with the latest design. So, it is usually suitable for modern homes.


Believe me, our products will certainly fit and suitable for supporting your furniture stores, wholesale and distribution business, as well as supply for hotel projects and real estate.

We are here available and are glad to support your business for a long time relationship.

Contact Modern Furniture Stores customer support now to ask for questions, leave an inquiry, or to get a catalog and pricelist of our products.

Natural Gas info by city

For our qualified customers, we will build, own and operate at no cost and zero investment, increase your power reliability factor and still reduce your energy expenses. We also offer 5, 10 or 15 year lease-purchase agreements, power purchase agreements and other incentives that permit our customers to own the power and energy system at the conclusion of the lease or power purchase agreement.

For Atlanta Natural Gas utility clients that do not want to invest in central power plants, we offer standardized power plants that can be placed at strategic locations on your grid, such as substations or at other locations such as your large industrial client’s properties.

All of our clean power plants and energy systems feature:

*  Fully automatic power/energy systems
*  Black-start capabilities
*  Island mode operation
*  Load following
*  Remote control and monitoring
*  All operations and maintenance provided
*  Stand-by power and emergency back-up
*  Automatic start/stop
*  Engineered “peaking” power plants for electric utility substation installation
*  Interconnection engineering and design


Find a quality Photo Booth Rental

At Naperville Photo Booth we also offer comprehensive photo management, post production (making them look amazing after the fact), extremely high quality on-site printing and more.

When surveying recent newlyweds, this was the single most important thing to be aware of when interviewing potential Photo Booth companies for your special day.  “Nothing is more critical to the success of your photo booth than having a quality company and people running the show on the day-of.

We have been around the wedding industry for years.  Be sure to ask all of the Photo Booth companies you interview what their level of experience is, how many weddings have they done and what different mediums they have performed.



We understand that this is YOUR party.  You hired us!  Therefore, we will absolutely accommodate any and all requests that you have about our service and the final product.  Whatever package you choose, whether it includes on-site printing or not, we will work with you to ensure that you final product is fantastic… and you LOVE it.   Professionalism is our goal.

Remember, it’s YOUR party.


We are Naperville  business owners and photographers. We commit to working hard before, during and after your wedding day to make certain that your day happens just how you want it.  When we pack up and the night is over, we want to know that you are more than satisfied and thus, happy to recommend our services to your loved ones.


The owners, photographers and set-up crews at Naperville Photo Booth are from the Puget Sound. We live here. We were born and raised here.   As many of our competing websites do, we are not a national website getting leads from search engines to dole out to the next Photo booth in line for a referral fee.

Physicians insurance standard risk policies


Underwriters typically assign applicants for malpractice insurance to one of three categories based upon the nature of the risk they are being asked to assume.

Preferred Risks

Most underwriters will treat any applicant as a preferred risk if the applicant meets stringent underwriting standards based upon the applicant’s medical specialty, credentials, personal habits, malpractice claims, and other criteria.

Standard Risks

Those applicants that do not qualify as preferred risks and are not considered to be special risks are considered by underwriters to be standard risks.

Policy Descriptions

At HealthCare Professionals’ we offer a complete range of insurance policy types. Click here for a list of some of the major policies and a brief description of how they protect you and your practice.

Unique and Special Risk Policies

Applicants that are engaged in a unique or unusual type of medical practice,or have a history of claims, or have been canceled or declined by other underwriters or otherwise do not meet the underwriter’s criteria for preferred or standard risks are considered special risks. Click mortgages for physicians to link to our Unique and Special Risk Policies Section.