Physicians insurance standard risk policies


Underwriters typically assign applicants for malpractice insurance to one of three categories based upon the nature of the risk they are being asked to assume.

Preferred Risks

Most underwriters will treat any applicant as a preferred risk if the applicant meets stringent underwriting standards based upon the applicant’s medical specialty, credentials, personal habits, malpractice claims, and other criteria.

Standard Risks

Those applicants that do not qualify as preferred risks and are not considered to be special risks are considered by underwriters to be standard risks.

Policy Descriptions

At HealthCare Professionals’ we offer a complete range of insurance policy types. Click here for a list of some of the major policies and a brief description of how they protect you and your practice.

Unique and Special Risk Policies

Applicants that are engaged in a unique or unusual type of medical practice,or have a history of claims, or have been canceled or declined by other underwriters or otherwise do not meet the underwriter’s criteria for preferred or standard risks are considered special risks. Click mortgages for physicians to link to our Unique and Special Risk Policies Section.

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