Professional building inspections Auckland

If you are a new home buyer, or have not purchased a home recently, you may be wondering what a home inspection is.

That is part of the reason for this web site: to provide information to the home buyer about home inspections in general, and specific information about Building inspections Auckland services. I also believe it is imperative today’s home buyer understand the difference between an inspector that is working for them, and an inspector who may be serving other interests.


“Having a financial interest in a product, however indirect, sets up an inherent bias” [The Cheating Culture by David Callahan, pp 50]

It is my belief that one of the greatest challenges facing the home inspection industry today is maintaining integrity. In a culture where cheating and violations of confidence are the norm, there is great pressure to violate the principle-agent relationship that partially if not wholly exits between a home inspector and his or her client. Without integrity, honest impartiality [not neutrality], and frankness, the industry can not truly serve the clients that seek our services. With this in mind, it is the mission of Building inspections Auckland… to provide every client with an honest, impartial, and thorough home inspection.

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