Restoring Balance to Your Home Through Foundation Repair

Protect your investment with Foundation Repair Northwest Indiana. We are your source for all types of home leveling.


*Residential Concrete Slabs–$1,000-$7,000

Through press-in piling, we lift and elevate Concrete slabs using 6 X 12 High-Pressure Concrete cylinders to TRUE total refusal. All lifts include a limited lifetime warranty. Pre-Cast Concrete Piling starting at $199 per pier. Limited lifetime warranty.

*Pier & Beam–$1,000-$5,000

Exterior Concrete perimeter grade beam, with Interior Block & Base or Brick piers.  If your doors aren’t operating correctly or your floors feature dips or low spots, call us. Let our experts adjust your pier and beam foundation.

*Block & Base–$800-$4,000

Let us level, R&R Damaged or Rotted structural wood on your mobile and block & base homes. Rates vary based on how much R&R wood replacement and how many inches are necessary to level the property.

*Root Barriers–$300-$1,500

Roots, especially from larger trees such as oaks, can severely damage your foundation and plumbing. Using a Ditch Witch™, we cut existing roots from the structure and installing interlocking plastic sheets in the ground. This removes the moisture from the ground, stabilizing dirt and cutting off root growth. Uneven moisture levels can be extremely problematic—constant balance is essential. We offer root barriers from 19.5″ to 24″ and 32′ to 36′.


Structures supported by wooden piling such as, 6×6, 8X8, 12×12, or 6″, 8″, 12″ post. Our experts level, pin up, re-drill, and bolt pylons for pylon homes 2′-10′ off the ground.

  • Prices based on average cost per job. Although some properties, due to size or severity price may vary outside of cost range.


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